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Individual product photography

High-quality product photography can enhance the visual appeal of your e-commerce website. To achieve the best results, consider factors such as lighting, background, and professional editing. 

Optional add-ons

To enhance your individual product photos, you can choose from various add-ons such as hero shots, hand modeling. These options can improve the quality of your photos and make them more effective in showcasing your products on your e-commerce website.

Hero shot

A “hero shot” is the main image that stands out in a series. It presents the product from the front or at a slight angle, capturing attention. This image requires extra attention due to its prominence and significance.

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Adaptable images have transparent backgrounds, allowing them to blend with any background color. They are saved in formats like .png and are trimmed to separate them from the standard white background.

Flat lay

Flat lay photography, often used in fashion, showcases items from a bird’s-eye view. They are arranged on a flat surface against a neutral background, allowing for a visually appealing display of multiple items simultaneously.

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